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  • Examine is awesome for finding supplements.
  • Herbs you take need to be standardized! otherwise there’s no guarantee of active compounds.
  • To really vet something read the papers. Get papers on Sci-hub.


Melatonin – Improve sleep

  • Your body makes this before bedtime
  • As you get older you make less
  • Looking at blue light destroys it (computer monitors, phones)
  • Cheap
  • Start low, like 0.5 or 1 mg
  • I take 1.5 mg nightly, this one cut in half

Flux (app) – Improve sleep

  • Blue light messes sleep up
  • This makes your screen yellowy at night

Modafinil – Focus while sleep deprived

  • Novel stimulent, less cracked out than most
  • Popularly used by militaries
  • Pretty safe
  • It’s like sleep insurance
  • Not a substitute for sleep!
  • See also: Reddit /r/afinil/


N-acetylcysteine – Mitigate damage from loud noise


N-acetylcysteine – Mitigate damage from binge drinking

Dihydromyricetin – Flush alcohol out faster

Milk thistle – Heal your liver

TUDCA – Heal your liver