Technical Lead @ Brave Software

2018-01 –

  • Technical guidance and project management of Brave Payments
  • Brave Payments is used by 10K+ creators to collect BAT crypto token contributions given from Brave Browser.

Senior Software Engineer @ Brave Software

2016-08 – 2018-01

  • Created BAT crypto token creator-facing website Brave Payments (Ruby on Rails)
  • Worked on cross platform web browser (Muon, an Electron fork; React)
  • Did devops for web services (AWS; Heroku; Terraform)
  • Worked on browser performance and wrote automated perf tests (Chromedriver; Travis)

Senior Software Engineer @ Entelo

2014-02 – 2016-07

  • Worked on a professional people search engine ($100Ms ARR)
    • Distributed systems, data pipelines
    • Ruby, Rails, JS, CSS
    • Elasticsearch
    • Devops, AWS
    • 5+ TB primary DB
  • Created an API integration framework for applicant tracking systems.
  • Created Track, an email client which measures outbound email engagement to help you send good emails.
  • Intro-ed team to Docker, now used in prod for data processing.

Software Engineer @ Leap Motion

2012-10 – 2013-04

  • Worked on infrastructure supporting the Leap motion sensor.
    • Device web backend, App curation tools, E-commerce site.
  • 1M+ users

Software Engineer @ Expensify

2011-02 – 2011-11

  • Created “SmartScan” receipt data capture and OCR system
  • Created HTML5 canvas image editor
  • PHP, JS, SQL


Automated Trolling Machine


  • Instead of giving you cash it trolls you.
  • Used ATM shell + LED strips + Raspberry Pi + Web UI
  • I made a the UI – a basic adventure game “framework”.
  • Collaboration with Jeremy Guillory and eV Quirk.



  • Web game where you idle to gain exp and items.
  • 9000+ users

Other notables